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About Us

Where it all began

Nature Space is a collaborative project that grew out of Restoration Day, an annual Wellington event that started in 1995. The website is designed to support community restoration efforts and provide a one-stop-shop to access information and resources. The development of the site was driven by community groups who identified that they wanted one website where they could source and share information in a simple easy format, as well as keep up to date with current conservation information and best practise. Nature Space was born in 2012.                 

Susan & James, Rimutaka Forest Park Trust

Where we are at

Nature Space operates independently from any one organisation. It has a steering committee that is made up of representatives from: WWF, QEII trust, Horizons Regional Council, Hawkes Bay Regional Council, Wellington City Council, Department of Conservation, Greater Wellington Regional Council, Auckland Council and Landcare Trust.We also have a number of supporters who have assisted us financially and technically. These include Hutt City Council, Kapiti Coast District Council and Landcare Research.

Future Vision

Although Nature Space started in the Wellington region it now has a strongly national focus. We want to continue to support the work of the community sector by providing the most relevant and current information available on ecological restoration in NZ. There will be ongoing work to make the website better based on user feedback. Projects in the wings include an improved events calendar and a forum.

We want to capture the work of the many thousands of groups around the country who are making a difference to conservation. By creating a national picture of community conservation effort the sector can be more effectively advocated for, and research and collaboration facilitated.

Support Us

If you are able to provide financial support or technical advice to make Nature Space even better we would love to hear from you, please contact us at [email protected].

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