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WWF Māui Dolphin Challenge

You can save the last 63 Māui dolphins!

We need amazing nature lovers like you to get on board and take up WWF's fundraising challenge to help save these tiny rare dolphins.

Three steps to take up the Challenge

If you’re ready to take up the Māui dolphin challenge, follow the steps below…

1. Pick a challenge! You can choose anything you like – as long as it’s 63 of something.

Stuck on challenge ideas? Here are some quick-fire challenges. Remember, the harder the challenge is the more people will want to get behind you!

  • Run, walk, or cycle 63km of coastline or over a weekend (optional: dressed as a dolphin)
  • Bake and sell 63 cupcakes
  • Pick up 63 bags or 63kgs of rubbish off your local beach one weekend
  • Give up takeaway coffee for a week or 63 days and donate all the money you would have spent to the challenge

2. Set up a fundraising page on Everyday Hero and invite your friends to sponsor you.

3. Spread the word! Tell the world about your fundraising on Facebook or Twitter. You could even make a short film to inspire other people! Check out Ela Gale’s video from last year.

Can't take a challenge yourself?

You can still be involved by supporting another challenge! Take a look at our other challenges, pick one you like, and sponsor them - every dollar counts!

For more information go to the WWF Maui dolphin challenge page