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Project Twin Streams Henderson Creek

Project Twin Streams is a large-scale environmental restoration project. it is working to improve water quality in Waitakere streams by revegetating 56 kms of streambanks with native trees and shrubs, and purchasing properties within the flood plain for removal. This stabilises the banks from erosion, creates a cool, shaded environment for ecology to thrive and filters toxins entering the streams.

Through its unique approach, Project Twin Streams engages local residents in the project through partnering with local community organisations to deliver the planting program.

Brooklyn Trail Builders

Group of volunteers building mountain biking and walking tracks, and planting trees, in the Polhill Reserve, George Denton Park and Te Kopahou Reserve, south of Wellington's Brooklyn, Aro Valley and Highbury suburbs. Goal of improving access and ecological value of these areas. Affiliated to the Wellington Mountainbike Club and working alongside the Wellington City Council.


Gecko Trust

Gecko supports 22 neighbourhoods through the Sustainable Neighbourhoods Programme in West Auckland. It is currently setting up four new Living Neighbourhoods in NW Auckland. We work in partnership with communities to remove weeds, plant trees and encourage bush regeneration. Neighbourhoods collectively decide what they want to achieve - with goals that are not only environmental but also with benefits to the community. Gecko also runs plant and weed ID workshops.


Friends of the Whau Inc.

Friends of the Whau (pronounced ‘foe’), FOW, is a community based ecological restoration organisation formed in Auckland in January 2000 to raise community awareness about issues affecting the Whau River catchment, and to mobilise community energy and support to improve the natural environment. FOW works in conjunction with The Whau River Catchment Trust (WRCT). FOW currently has a supporter’s membership of over 200 individuals and organisations, with the number increasing.


Korokoro Environmental Group

Korokoro Environmental Group supports KEG supports and encourages a range of worthwhile community initiatives on conservation, biodiversity and habitat protection in the Korokoro valley (Lower Hutt) and surrounding environment. KEG has been involved in plantings and weed control, pest monitoring, improving fish passage, active lobbying on transport, development and infrastructure issues where they threaten or support the ecological values of the Korokoro area.


Hurunui College Nina Valley Restoration Group

The Hurunui College Nina Valley Restoration Group was established in 2008. The group consists of students aged eleven to eighteen years old, teachers, and parents.

The principal aim of the group is to give students ownership of a conservation project, through which they can learn about conservation and applied research. The group works closely with the Department of Conservation to achieve these aims.


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