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Mawaihakona Stream Restoration (friends of the Mawaihakona)

Friends of Mawaihakona Stream was formed in 2002 by Bart Hogan, Kerry & Brian Brickell in order to covert the Mawaihakona stream from a willow infested mess to lowland podocarp forest as it would have once been. In recent years, the Friends have gained permission to restore a large section of the stream as it passes through land owned by St Patrick's college Silverstream.

Wellington Regional Lizard Network

The Wellington Regional Lizard Network (WRLN) comprises conservation managers and lizard specialists from a variety of groups and organisations in the region who aim to identify priorities for lizard conservation throughout the Wellington region. The group promotes lizard conservation and provides advice and training to those involve in lizard conservation. The group's primary role is to advise but it will actively identify work that needs to be done, promote this work and train people to do it, and facilitate its implementation when possible.


Awhitu Peninsula Landcare Incorporated

To enhance the unique character of the Awhitu Peninsula by supporting our rural and agricultural base, encouraging the protection of land and waterways for future sustainability. To actively work towards restoring native plant and animal life, improving the region's biodiversity by revegetation, controlling pests and increasing awareness of environmental issues throughout the community.


Windsor Park Ark

We are an interested group of teachers and students at Rangitoto College who are working each year to clear weed species from a small area of bush in the school grounds and replace them with native species. We aim to turn this 3 ha area into a wonderful outdoor classroom resource with paths, signage and other useful resources for students and the community. Neighbouring properties are also involved


East Taranaki Environment Trust

Saving kiwi in Taranaki is our project name. We have a large in-situ project covering 13,000 hectares, where predator control is undertaken. We are a successful community driven group which has 500 pair of kiwi under predator protection. The area is home to many other threatened native species. The Trust is working to return kokako to the area. We have a group of contractors who check the 1300 stoat traps on a monthly basis. Our field team are locals and well trained in their areas.


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