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Thames Coast Kiwi Care

Protecting and enhancing Coromandel brown kiwi populations on the Thames Coast over 2,500 hectares of private and public conservation lands. This is the most Southern area for active kiwi protection on the western coast of the Coromandel.

35 volunteer trappers check 360 DOC200 and 250 traps 16 - 18 times a year.

A Co-ordinator (Malcolm Macfarlane) liaises with trappers, TCKC members, DOC and the public.

Moehau Environment Group

Moehau Environment Group is a volunteer organization which has achieved 11 years of coordinated intensive predator control, with habitat restoration projects covering over 13,000 hectares, primarily on private land.

This has allowed for the recovery of many endangered species in the Northern Coromandel including dramatic turnarounds for kiwi, fern birds, Bittern, Kaka and Spotless crake. Our hard work has allowed for the successful reintroduction of the North Island Robin and Pateke (Brown Teal), with both species now successfully breeding in the area.

Lower Scroggy Stream Sustainable Neighbourhood

Neighbours helping neighbours create a greener environment and a more connected community in the Scroggy Stream catchment.
We primarily aim to reduce invasive weeds and pests and increase native biodiversity and improve stream quality on suburban private property in the catchment. We also have an interest in more environmentally friendly storm water management and suburban infill, reserve management, protection of noble trees whether native or exotic, urban design that encourages walking and cycling, and increasing the production of food in the catchment.

Te Kauae O Maui Nature Reserve

VISION: To create a unique sanctuary which is abundant with native flora and fauna.
MISSION: Restore natural processes/species through holistic guardianship. Use minimal poisons, whilst striving to gain maximum benefits.
Central to Te Kauae O Maui Nature Reserve are the following core values:
Deliver on our commitments.
Be accountable for our actions and our impact on the environment.
Treat all people, animals and plants with respect and dignity.
Use quality equipment that will endure.

Pourewa Restoration Group

The Pourewa Restoration Group was set up by a small group of locals to restore an important area of bush in the heart of Auckland city.

We have a vision of the Pourewa valley being an oasis of native bush in the heart of an ever expanding Auckland City. A place where the community can walk through, be surrounded by native bush and feel a world away from the stresses of city living.

If this land is not cared for it will be replaced by the infiltrating surburbia which is gradually seeping into the few areas of 'free' land that still exist.

Te Kaainga Tawhai Forest

Te Kaainga Tawhai forest is a QEII full title covenant, privately owned. We are guardians of ecological health of the forest, undertake ongoing extensive pest control and make TKT accessible to groups, families & individuals who want to learn about the forest ecology, explore wilderness concepts or simply recharge in a beautiful place. We have people stay in our batch who in turn contribute to pest & weed control. TKT is also used as a training & facilitation venue. The forest is mixed beech, podocarp and rata forest with healthy bird life.



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