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Pukawa Wildlife Management Trust

The PWMT was set up to improve the birdlife in and around the Pukawa settlement on the southern shores of Lake Taupo. By controlling the animal pests such as rats, possums and mustelids known to be living in the forest and reserves surrounding Pukawa, it was hoped the birdlife would have a better chance of surviving and successfully breeding.
The PWMT has established a network of 350 box traps as well as rat cafes to dispense rat poison. It also uses Timms traps and the new Goodnature self setting traps targeting rats and possums.

Te Motu Kairangi - Miramar Ecological Restoration

The primary goal is to restore the peninsula to a more complete, healthy, living ecosystem, but also to reconnect local people with the natural environment, reintroduce lost flora and boost populations of locally rare or threatened species.

We aim to create a more extensive and diverse coastal forest and to extend this into gardens as well to attract a wider range of native birds and other fauna back to the peninsula.

Members specialist skills: horticulturist, weed management and revegetation consultant.

Horokiwi reserve

Horokiwi reserve is currently a large paddock with a spring fed gully starting in the Reserve.

The main issue our group has is the size of the project, but we are pacing ourselves and planting approximately 750 plants per year. There is still quite a lot of gorse, but since 2008 the regeneration has been fantastic, and despite the exposed hills the plants we have put in are slowly taking off.


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