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Friends of Maara Roa

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Sef Truyens
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Belmont Regional Park via Takapu Entrance or Cannons Creek
Wellington or Porirua
New Zealand

The Friends of Maara Roa (Inc.)  (Friends of the Long Garden)

Vision:  to restore the catchment of Cannons Creek in Belmont Regional Park and open it up for quiet recreation and enjoyment.

Tawa-Kohekohe remnant – only one left on the northern slopes of the Belmont Hills – included in 40 ha of Conservation Covenants in this valley; present restoration area approx.80 ha. was gorse dominant and frequently burned. Now natural regeneration dominates; plus 15 years of planting and pest control (56 bait stations, 75,000 trees grown and planted).

Progress can already be seen now the remnants having been inclosed with new planting. The creek bed if full of tawa and kohekohe seedlings and now that grass has been excluded from the understory the floor is covered in kohekohe seedlings.

Wood pigeon are now nesting again in the valley.

Planting & Tree Care are every fornite on a Saturday morning.

See out event calendar for the next planting day.


Wellington Regional Council
Forest and Bird (Wellington Branch), Friends of Belmont Regional Park

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Remnant Bush Recovers

These images are of some of the remnants of  Tawa in the Cannon Creek Valley.

This area was the first to be planted around the year 2000. There was no understory and a gorse fire had swept up the valley and scorched these trees. The black scorch markes can still be seen on the trunks of these trees.

Tawa Never Say Die.....

Old Tawa bowled by the farmer refuse to die...
See Friends of Maara Roa in Cannon Creek, walk up the valley into Belmont Regional Park and you will pass thru this regenerating grove of Tawa and Kohekohe. Only a 15 minute walk to get there....