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Tuna Gulley - 40 metres from Stuart Park a new world is evolving under the Mahoe canopy.


When we started

What a depressing site, one Ngaio sticking out of the gorse, the entraceway nearly blocked by gorse...
But when a cloud of silvereyes few out of that one Ngaio, I just had to do somethings... So I went home and potted up 200 Ngaio and Taupa seedlings into free pots from the Bunnings garden centre...
The Stuart Park Restoration Project was born...

Quirky Kohekohe

Last month a group of us went to view a small cluster of Kohekohe in the gulley behind the sewage treatment plant.

The first feature that catches everyone's attention is that it flowers from the trunk! This behaviour is called cauliflore,  more typical of trees growing in the tropics than windy Titahi Bay!

The kohekohe does not flower every year. It flowers early winter and takes up to 15 months for the fruit to ripen. So as you can see from the two photos, one tree is laden in fruit while the neighbouring tree only has clusters of flowers sprouting from the trunk.