Nature Space is a website for groups, individuals and landowners undertaking ecological restoration in New Zealand. 


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Animal pest control
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Provide mapping tools and online project management
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Weed control, fencing and planting
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Weed control, planting, pest control, interpretation panel and fencing.
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Coastal Restoration Trust Post-Graduate Scholarship open for applications

This scholarship is to provide funds to assist an individual with their post-graduate level research to improve knowledge in the field of coastal restoration. The study award is usually $2,000 plus expenses to travel and present at the Coastal...

Department of Corrections Product Catalogue

A catalogue of products that can be purchased from the Department of Corrections has been released. Some example of products included are Traps, weta motels, storage shed and tables. For more information view the product catalogue .

Coastal Restoration Trust Conference

18 March 2020