Nature Space is a website for groups, individuals and landowners undertaking ecological restoration in New Zealand. 


square meters of weeds controlled


possums trapped


threatened species planted


plants in the ground


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Stream restoration work and invasive weed control.
12 members
Gully and stream restoration activities
80 members
Planting, weed control, rabbit control and rare plants Crassula peduncularis and Leptinella maniototo.
2 members
Small community garden, orchard and forest restoration group .
12 members


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DOC Community Fund - opening 25 February 2019

This fund supports community-led conservation projects on public and private land. The fund is directed towards practical projects aimed at conserving New Zealand’s indigenous biodiversity. Projects are focused on: protecting and restoring our...

Coastal Restoration Trust of New Zealand conference 2019: Living with dynamic shorelines

This year's Coastal Restoration Trust of New Zealand's conference will be based in Warkworth, Wednesday to Friday 27-29 March. The theme is Living with Dynamic Shorelines. There will be an abundance of information sharing by coastal scientists,...