Nature Space is a website for groups, individuals and landowners undertaking ecological restoration in New Zealand. 


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Community-led movement of water champions based in Christchurch
Clearing weeds and rubbish and planting natives.
10 members
EcoEngage is a collaborative volunteer group to support conservation software such as EcoTrack.nz and other tools that it interfaces with
Restoration of wetland and riparian.
15 members
Weed control, planting, pest control, interpretation panel and fencing.
10 members


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Findings from the Wakatipu Beech Seeding Project

Restoration of native forests in New Zealand has previously been undertaken by planting young trees raised in nurseries and tending to those trees for several years to protect them from environmental risk factors. More recently, there have been...

Garden bird survey 2020

Here's a fantastic reason to be in our gardens, local parks or school grounds and enjoy the peace with our birds. Get the family involved (or not!) and take part in this year's NZ Garden Bird Survey. Just select a survey location, and on one day...

Whareroa Farm Planting Working Bees 2020 season

5 July 2020