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Request for untangling bind weed from plants by Te Pahu Landcare group

The Te Pahu landcare group consists of volunteers who hold annual planting days along the Kaniwhaniwha stream, and monthly weeding sessions along the Nikau walkway, among other things.

During Conservation Week 2018, we planted some native plants in a wet area at the beginning of the Nikau Walkway, and at the DOC campground on Mt Pirongia.

Unfortunately, with the spring weather, convolvulus had grown up and smothered all of the recently planted native plants. Our group have cleared them just in time (see photo – photo credit Janet Leggett), but we know the bind weed will grow back quickly.

Our hope is that members of the public who go for a walk along the Kaniwhaniwha stream up to the bush and back may like to help us and the plants out, by stopping for five minutes and gently untangling the bind weed from around a native plant as you go past. The spot is easy to find, just at the start of the track by the track signs.  The native plants have all been staked, so they are easy to locate as well and if everyone who walked by helped out by gently releasing a native plant from the bind weed, it would make a great difference.  The plants have grown quite a bit since we planted them in September, so if we can keep the weeds at bay they will have a chance to flourish even more.

Many thanks

Nardene (Volunteer Chair, Te Pahu Landcare group)