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WWF-New Zealand's funding round is now open

WWF run two separate funds in partnership with the Tindall Foundation, supporting Kiwis to get involved in protecting their local environment: 

Community Conservation Fund

This fund is for local community conservation groups based and working in New Zealand, and engaged in hands-on ecological restoration or conservation. 

Environmental Education Action Fund

This fund is for New Zealand schools, environmental education providers and community groups running education programmes where action for the environment is part of learning.

WWF will be accepting applications for both these funds from 14 September to 9 October 2020. Visit the WWF website to find out if your project is suitable for funding and how to apply.

If you have any queries contact WWF on

Grant Administrator: 027 455 0051
Freephone: 0800 435 7993 
[email protected]  for Community Conservation Fund
[email protected] for Environmental Education Action