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August 2016

Plants in the ground: 
Possums killed: 
Volunteer hours: 
Area of weeds controlled (sq m): 
Native bird species seen: 
grey warbler
More Info: 

Transplanted self sown seedlings into gaps where weeds have been removed.  Included cabbage trees, puriri, karamu, mahoe, nikau, pigeonwood.  Sown Carex flagelifera seed collected from the reserve.  Removed rubbish.  Council collected an old bath that had been dumped in the stream.  Removed some small Japanese honeysuckle and wild ginger plants.  Put out two rat stations on boundary, one trap and one baited.  Rats ate six blocks, nothing caught in trap yet.  Neighbour caught 1 possum. Feeding sugar water over winter.  Two tuis and several silvereyes feeding. With the high rainfall over winter some of the stream bank has eroded in places.  There looks to be some damage to plants from foot traffic along the stream.  The grass area is very boggy and contractors have not been able to mow very far in to the reserve.  We have stayed out of the reserve most of the time to avoid damage to the banks and plants.  We are hoping to work with the local Torbay Enviro group in spring on tradescantia removal.  A neighbour commented they saw an eel in the deep pool.  We have not seen the banded kokopu in the stream over winter.