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Lizard identification and monitoring techniques

Lizard identification and monitoring workshop
Richard Romijn and Lynn Adams

Below are resources and links that were referred to during the 2013 Restoration Day workshop.

A. Lizard Strategy

The Wellington Regional Lizard Network (WRLN) has just released its Lizard strategy for the Wellington region 2012-20. This regional lizard strategy outlines a coordinated approach to ensure the conservation and restoration of lizard communities in the Wellington region.

B. Lizard Toolkit

The Toolkit includes information on:

  • The conservation and resource management legislation in place for lizards and their habitats.
  • Predator/pest control, habitat management, translocation practises and funding options for the benefits of lizards.

Lizards Conservation Toolkit, ecogecko consultants

C. Lizard identification

The skink and gecko cards attached show the three gecko and five skink species most likely to be found on the mainland in the greater Wellington region.

Gecko ID card
Skink ID card

D. Reporting lizard sightings

Reporting sightings of lizards is an important way that people assist DOC gain a greater understanding about the distribution of lizards in the region. If you find a lizard complete the attached ARDS card and forward to DOC. If possible attach photos of the lizard (back, stomach and sides) as shown in the lizard identification cards.

ARD card (.doc, 75KB)
Further information about the Amphibian and Reptile Distribution Scheme (ARDS)

E. Lizard information

Electronic atlas of the amphibians & reptiles of New Zealand for lizard descriptions, habitat information, distribution maps and lizard images.  

F. Attracting lizards into your garden

Some lizards live happily alongside us without our knowing, others are declining due to loss and fragmentation of habitat, and predation by cats, birds and mammals. Here is a webpage where you can find out how gardeners can make a difference by creating habitats for lizards to flourish.

G. Lizard monitoring

Website for information about lizard monitoring. The documents at this site:

1. Discuss methods used to detect lizards.

  • Artificial retreats
  • Funnel trapping
  • Pitfall trapping
  • Systematic searches

2. Discuss data analysis methods to estimate abundance of lizards.

  • Indices of abundance
  • Population estimates