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Whareroa Bird Counts

We have been lucky to have Helen performing regular bird counts, to give Whareroa a base case assessment.

She began in July 2011 and undertook regular counts until June 2013 at 5 locations.

From July 2013 until June 2015, Helen continued her regular counts at 5 new sites within the Whareroa Farm Reserve.

You can find her report to June 2013, the regular counts until June 2015 and her final report attached here as PDF files.

And Tony's support of Helen in performing the counts must also be mentioned with enormous thanks. 

In a few years time, the idea is to recommence the bird counts and compare with earlier data. This is one of the concrete ways to attempt to measure what kind of progress has been made in improving and expanding bird habitat in Whareroa specifically and to a lesser extent in the environs.

We cannot thank Helen enough for her invaluable work. She is a pearl. 

You can find some more bird identification information also here:...


* * * Update Sept 2015 * * *

From September 2015, Helen will be performing a bird count every 3 months. The results we will be posting here.


* * * Updated Update July 2017 * * *

Helen began in July 2017 the next series of bird counts for the Kapiti Biodiversity Project. These are Whareroa sites 6 to 10, monthly until June 2018.


* * * Updated Updated Update Oct 2018 * * *

Helen began a new "Walk Through" report. You can find the updates here (Occassionally we will print out the latest Walk Through reports and post them to Naturespace) ...