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Whareroa Pest Control Results

"Pest Control" has two parts in Whareroa: the control of animal pests (begun in 2013) and also the control of plant/weed pests (begun in 2016).

Animal Pest Control

Traps have been laid throughout Whareroa beginning in April 2013 (although there was some DOC possum trapping activity prior to this). Our Dear (Pest Control Team) Leader, Shane Cave, was the one and only original Pest Team Member deploying and regularly checking the first 20 Box Traps. Over time, the team that has grown steadily to now, as at mid-2018, eight people (Shane, Shane, Scott, Jason, John, Solly, Darrel, Joe)

Box Traps
Beginning in April 2013 to the end of August 2013, 60 box traps (donated by DOC, thanks DOC!) had been deployed and were being monitored, reset and re-baited on a regular basis by a team of volunteers  led by Shane Cave. Targeted pests are Mustelids (Stoats, Weasels, Ferrets), Hedgehogs, Rats and Mice. The box traps are too small for a standard possum, rabbit or cat to get into.

In the course of 2014 & 2015, DOC kindly provided some more box traps for us to use. By the end of 2015, we had some 90 Box Traps active and in the course of 2016, that number increased to over 100 BTs.

Possum (leg hold) Traps
Beginning November 2013, 21 possum leg hold traps were being placed and activated (and baited) for random periods of 2-3 days. These possum traps are of the type that, when activated, must be checked daily by our volunteer team - hence the low volume of activity here. Even so, results concerning possums from November 2013, including these low volume, small land area trapping activities increased.
Since April 2014, we have increased the number of possum traps in use (thanks again to DOC and to Jason). As of mid 2017, we now trap some 16 lines in various bush locations, using over 150 leg hold traps.
Self Resetting Gas Traps (from the company Goodnature
Since December 2015, in conjunction with the Kapiti Biodiversity Project grants, we have begun deploying mainly A24 gas traps (targetting rats, mustelids, hedgehogs & mice) and a small number of A12 (possum) Traps. As of January 2017, some 46 gas traps had been deployed in various locations in Whareroa.
You can read about our 2017 assessment of the A24s here...
Activity in conjunction with other Kapiti Pest Control Teams (from June 2017)....

Wild Goats on Whareroa are sadly a quite destructive pest and turn up at irregular intervals in varying numbers. Jason and Ray are capable and approved to cull them in Whareroa.

If you see goats on Whareroa, please send an email to Jason ([email protected]) or let us know by email ([email protected]) and we will forward it to Jason. Let him know when, approximately where and how many goats you saw.


The attached PDF-files tell the results of the story of the pest control activities ...

For more background on pests and their impact...

In September 2015, we have added in the pdf on "How to Trap and Kill Rats" from


Plant/Weed Pest Control

Begun in June 2016, every week on Wednesday, from 9am - 12pm, regardless of weather the "Wednesday Weeders" meet at the car park and then head off to attack and eradicate weeds. 

We are mainly grubbing or "cutting and pasting" and use as few chemicals as possible. 

We have also had a highly informative walk through some of the restoration area with 3 very knowledgeable DOC staff who have set us on the right track!

All newcomers are welcome. There are activities for all levels of fitness, physical abilities and knowledge levels (plus the Wednesday Weeders are all really nice people). Bring gloves and sturdy shoes. Tools are provided. Plus we are very keen to learn and share our accumulated knowledge.

A 2017 Facebook posting about the Plant Weed Pest Team...