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Te Motu Kairangi - Miramar Ecological Restoration

The primary goal is to restore the peninsula to a more complete, healthy, living ecosystem, but also to reconnect local people with the natural environment, reintroduce lost flora and boost populations of locally rare or threatened species.

We aim to create a more extensive and diverse coastal forest and to extend this into gardens as well to attract a wider range of native birds and other fauna back to the peninsula.

Members specialist skills: horticulturist, weed management and revegetation consultant.

Nga Uruora Kāpiti Project

Nga Uruora – Kapiti Project Charitable Trust is a community based conservation project with a big work program and an even bigger vision. Set up in 1997 to reverse the drastic decline of coastal forest, we are aiming to create a continuous ribbon of bird-safe native forest running from Mackays Crossing to Pukerua Bay.

Through a unique agreement with KiwiRail and the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust, we look after over 80 hectares of coastal escarpment. We also have access to an area known as Perkins/Middle Run Farm under an agreement with the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park (638ha) is a public regional park for which the Friends of QEP have a very clear vision: "Our vision is Queen Elizabeth Park as a sand country landscape with natural, historic and cultural features that all can enjoy". We mean to achieve this vision by recognising the park as irreplaceable public land and honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi together with links to those with mana whenua and kaitiakitanga.

Eastbourne Dunes Protection Group (EDPG)



Vision: To restore the natural vegetation of Eastbourne’s beaches



1.To protect & enhance existing natural vegetation.

2.To eradicate weed species.

3.To revegetate with suitable native plants.

4. To inform the public of our activity & purpose.


1.Cooperation with local bodies & other organisations.

2.Use locally sourced plants.

3.Be aware of best practices.

Forest & Bird: Places for Penguins

Places for Penguins is a Wellington Forest & Bird project based on Wellingtons South Coast. Our aims are to provide safe nesting sites for little blue penguins to protect them from car strike and predators. Places for Penguins currently builds and places nest boxes on the seaward side of the road, monitors nests and monitors traps and bait stations. We are also working to restore Tarakena Bay through planting and weed control with assistance from Greater Wellington Regional Councils Take Care programme.

Whitireia Park Restoration Group

Whitireia Park Restoration Group is working to restore the naturally occurring flora and is planting species to assist native fauna such as native lizard, bird and fish species. We have a core of 15 people and a large support group who turn up for plantings.

We are actively trapping in the park with DOC 200s and in 2013 started rat control using bait stations.  The Park is possum and hare free but rabbits mustelids, cats, rats and mice are stll present.


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