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Okarito Community Nursery & Wetland Restoration

Aim: to grow eco-sourced native seedlings for sale to the public, and for restoration projects around Okarito Lagoon and the West Coast, while sharing knowledge of the Glaciers to Wetland ecosystem. Removal of gorse and other weeds enhance the landscape view, and allow regeneration of native species which provide the best habitat for rare kotuku, bitterns and godwits. Nursery is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays for sales from 10am to 1 pm or by arrangement. Volunteers welcome any day


Official name Waiuku Esturary Restoration Trust, Inc. The Mudlarks are a group of people keen to see Waiuku Estuary and around, which is currently sports abundant mangroves, restored to former state how it was 40 years ago and before, with open areas of water available for Wading and diving birds, fish, and fishing, swimming, kayaking, floundering, paddling, mucking around in boats, and more.

Whiritoa Beachcare Group

First Beachcare/Coastcare group formed in NZ (Jan 1993).

Aim: Dune planting and accessway maintenance

Activities: Weed control, access management, education and planting

Parties involved: Local landowners, Ngati Haho, Waikato Regional Council and Hauraki District Council

Wild for Taranaki

Wild for Taranaki is the identity of the Taranaki Biodiversity Trust. The Taranaki Biodiversity Trust was established in 2015 by 19 groups and organisations involved in the protection of native plants, animals and ecosystems in Taranaki. The Trust's goals are to: Raise the profile of biodiversity in our community. Support the work already being done by individuals, community groups and organisations. Engage with all groups with an interest in protecting the environment of Taranaki. Encourage people to get involved. Foster collaboration. Develop new projects.


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