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Project Twin Streams

Project Twin Streams is a large-scale environmental restoration project working to improve water quality in Waitakere streams by revegetating 56 kms of streambanks with native trees and shrubs, and purchasing properties within the flood plain for removal. This stabilises the banks from erosion, creates a cool, shaded environment for ecology to thrive and filters toxins entering the streams.

Through its unique approach, Project Twin Streams engages local residents in the project through partnering with local community organisations to deliver the planting program.

Living Bayview

Working to restore Bayview's bush remnants to sustainable, healthy, living ecosystems and connect local people with our natural spaces.

Bayview Living Neighbourhood Native Bush Restoration is a project of the Bayview Placemaking Project in partnership with Gecko Trust NZ.

• Create weed and pest free local environments to increase biodiversity
• Engage local community with our natural spaces through regular working bees, walks and community events

Weed Free Lynn and Leigh Reserve by 2020

Steiner School SN

The Rudolf Steiner School's (Titirangi) Trust are the custodians for the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School and Kindergarten, some 36 Hectares of very high value regenerating bush in a key Strategic biodiversity site in Laingholm. Our Aim: to eradicate noxious weeds from properties in the group and the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School, in order to protect the surrounding regenerating bush.
The school began clearing weeds from the school grounds early 2011.

EcoGecko Consultants

We are New Zealand's lizard and frog experts dedicated to the research, conservation and AEEs of frogs and reptiles in New Zealand. We undertake:
lizard & frog surveys
- lizard & frog monitoring programmes
- lizard & frog AEE's / EIAs
- lizard & frog mitigation planning & activities
- conservation & scientific research
- translocations & follow-up population studies

Whangawehi Catchment Management Group

The Whangawehi Community (represented by Tangata Whenua, landowners, District and Regional Council) share a desire to maintain or improve the different cultural, ecological, recreational & economical values of the Whangawehi Catchment. Central to this aim is the need to address water quality issues & the loss of habitat for important freshwater & estuarine species.

Cobden Aromahana Ecological Restoration Group

Improve inanga spawning and a wetland ecosystem on Cobden Island by re-instatement of former water channels using a hydaulic excavator, followed by riparian plantings, as well as weed and predator control. Also, a total of 56 bird species have been recorded of which 18 are threatened. A bird hide is under construction, and there are proposals to build interpretation panels and develop the area's recreational potential. The Group is a partnership between local volunteers, the Grey District Council, the West Coast Whitebaiters Association and the Department of Conservation.

Sandspit SOS Inc. (SSOSI)

Project names; Sandspit Reserve saltmarsh restoration, Banded Rail habitat, Dean's Island restoration. Predator control on that reserve.
Brick Bay Drive stream and associated wetlands restoration and inanga spawning site restoration.
Annual shellfish monitoring of spit's east side shellfish bed. This will be extended to the Rainbow's End shellfish bed in 2013 summer.
Shorebird data collection.
Waicare data collection of 2 local streams, gradually extending to other streams in the catchment.


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