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Wildland Consultants Wellington office

Friendly ecological consultants with knowledge and experience of terrestrial and aquatic restoration and weed and pest management in a range of habitats. Extensive ecological knowledge within the wider Wellington, Wairarapa,, and Bay of Plenty area. Competative rates for "Friends of" and restoration groups and opportunites for Pro Bono work (e.g. free advice).


Friends of the Otaki River Inc.

Otaki River Corridor Restoration Programme

River Estuary Restoration Programme

River Walkway Development

Te Horo School Plant Propagation Programme

The organisation was formed primarily as a local group to be the community liason in association with Wellington Regional Council in formalising and implementing a Floodplain Protection Plan for the Otaki River. The constitution of the group allows for an executive committee of 18 being made up of appointed members from various interested groups, local authorities.

Ahuriri Estuary Restoration Group

The projects main aim is enhancement of the Ahuriri Estuary, especially the lower Estuary. The main function is weed control and plantings, but some walkway and sign maintenance is also carried out. Work is generally done over about 40 hectares of the lower estuary but the group occasionally work further up the estuary.

The group meet every month except January, on the first Thursday of the month. On most days between 15 and 25 people attend.

Paremata Reclamation Restoration Project

Paremata Reclamation Restoration Project. The project aims to develop ecological and amenity values on the reclamation and adjacent estuary, and retain the rare plant populations that are present.  The reclamation was created by Transit in the 1970s, but has been colonised by two rare plants (Crassula peduncularis and Leptinella maniototo), which occupy the ephemeral wetland areas.


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