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Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society

The Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society Incorporated ("SOSSI") is an incorporated society established in 2004 for the purpose of assisting the Regional Council (now Auckland Council) with the establishment and development of a sanctuary at Shakespear Regional Park. We work under a memorandum of agreement with the Auckland Council and work closely with Council staff on both an operational and a planning level.

Owhiwa Landcare

Our 2004 objective was to "have all of the bush on Mt Tiger in a healthy state". To that end we have removed over 8000 possums, 700 goats, hundreds of rats and some stoats, ferrets and feral cats.
We are a low key group of individual land owners and our properties have significant bush areas which include a wide variety of fungi, unique Northland snails and many species of visiting and resident native birds.


Friends of Maungawhau

Volunteers spend approximately 1,400 hours annually in the ecological rehabilitation of Maungawhau-Mt. Eden. Our work mainly consists of:

• Removing weeds
• Releasing native trees
• Stabilising steep scoria slopes
• Encouraging natural regeneration
• Preserving bird and insect habitats

In 2012 we will plant over 1,500 ground-cover and under-storey plants in the former Batger Quarry area on the western face of Maungawhau-Mt. Eden and on the lower southern slopes.

Motutapu Restoration Trust

30 mins by ferry from downtown Auckland, Motutapu Island is one of the jewels in the Inner Hauraki Gulf. Farmed since the 1860's most of the original vegetation was stripped for pasture leaving only remnant pockets of  native species along the coastline and in deep valleys. The island's geological origins are Jurassic being approximately 165 million years old and it is joined by causeway to Rangitoto a mere 600 year old volcano consisting of lava fields.

Cape Sanctuary

Cape Sanctuary is a wildlife restoration project established in 2006 by landowners of the Cape Kidnappers peninsula, Hawke's Bay.

The landowners share a vision extending beyond 50 years to restore the coastal communities of land and sea birds, reptiles and invertebrates that would once have existed on the Cape Kidnappers peninsula. The project aims to achieve nationally significant species conservation gains within a highly modified farming and multi-use landscape including forestry, tourism and recreation.


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