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Mt Chocolate

Mt Chocolate
Mt Chocolate is located in Clifton, Invercargill, New Zealand. It is the home of Tracy and Mike Peters.

A family home and the Redworks art studio is being built on the site and will be surrounded by native bush and wetland.

Conservation Project
Mt Chocolate is the name of a nature conservation project on 1 Ha (2.5 Acres) of former farmland. This is being planted as a Miro swamp forest and will eventually be protected in perpetuity.


Rainy Creek Ecological Restoration Programme

A group of volunteers undertaking predator control in public conservation land near Reefton. The catchment consists of red and hard beech, kamahi and rimu forest common on the lower slopes, and mountain beech, southern rata, kamahi and rimu forest common on the rounded hill tops. Birds present in this area include kaka, kakariki, robin, ruru, tomtits, as well as many more common New Zealand birds. Long tailed bats are also expected to be in the area, and maybe even roost here. Mistletoe (now quite rare in most forests) also exists here.

Pūkaha, National Wildlife Centre

Pukaha Mount Bruce is under the guardianship of a strong partnership between the Pukaha Mount Bruce Board, Rangitane o Wairarapa and the Department of Conservation. We share a common vision to restore this place to its natural, tranquil beauty and restore the forest’s legendary dawn chorus. These three groups are are drawn together in to their unique community partnership through the Pukaha Mount Bruce Board which was established in 2006.

Waima to Laingholm Pest Free

Our group is working towards making Waima to Laingholm pest free. Our initial efforts have been focused on possum control, with the intention to use this as a base to expand to control of other pests. The control area encompasses approximately 800 Hectares, with a 50/50 split between Public and Private land owners. With the Manukau Harbour to the south, the boundary (shown in yellow) runs from the edge of Symonds Bay on the west, along Exhibition Drive to the north, then back down Huia Road to Muddy Creek on the east.

Drayton Reserve Volunteers

The Drayton Reserve Volunteers, a group of about 120 locals, started in April 2016 with the aim of working with the Council to return the Drayton Reserve to its original forest and other vegetative cover, for conservation, passive recreation and educational purposes, especially for the local community. This will include accelerating native plantings, improving the streambed and water quality, reducing soil erosion, increasing the populations of native birds, lizards, fish and insects, controlling litter and animal and plant pests and improving tracks and facilities.

Hunua Ranges Kokako Project

Volunteers meet every Tuesday (North side of the Hunua Ranges) or every Wednesday (South side of the Hunua Ranges) to check traps and bait stations to help the increasing kokako population there as well as other endangered birds and frogs. The terrain is steep but its in beautiful bush so if you are fit and a keen tramper (or want to become one) this is a great way to explore and help wildlife at the same time. You will be paired with an existing experienced volunteer initially. We also meet on the second Saturday of the month

Forest and Bird- Waitaki Branch

The Waitaki Branch of Forest and Bird has a number of active programmes including growing native plants, planting native plants at Fenwick Park and Cape Wanbrow, organising beach clean ups, organising field trips to local sites of interest and inviting guest speakers along to talk about the environment and conservation. We have around 80 members.


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