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East Taranaki Environment Trust

Saving kiwi in Taranaki is our project name. We have a large in-situ project covering 13,000 hectares, where predator control is undertaken. We are a successful community driven group which has 500 pair of kiwi under predator protection. The area is home to many other threatened native species. The Trust is working to return kokako to the area. We have a group of contractors who check the 1300 stoat traps on a monthly basis. Our field team are locals and well trained in their areas.

Kauri Point Centennial Park & Chatswood Reserve Management Committee

If visiting CHATSWOOD RESERVE please follow all KAURI DIEBACK prevention measures. 'CLEAN ALL SOIL OR MUD OFF SHOES/BOOTS  AT HOME' and use cleaning stations on site when entering & exiting the reserve, please stay on the tracks, avoid walking on kauri roots and keep dogs on leash.

Taranaki Conservationists

The Taranaki Conservationists is a community group which enables Taranaki locals to support

conservation activities through a social and fun approach. We collaborate with local community

groups to promote their cause help organise events, and attract volunteers through our growing

email list and social media presence.


Conservation partnerships are the way of the future, and the Taranaki Conservationists have been

working as a key partner and supporting many Taranaki conservation groups over the last 3 years.

Friends of Mangemangeroa Society Inc

The Friends of Mangemangeroa is a community group of volunteers who have formed a Partnership Agreement, initially with the Manukau City Council and now with the Auckland Council, to assist the Council in implementing the Mangemangeroa Valley Reserves' Management Plan. It is currently carrying out a 20-year Restoration Plan to maintain and enlarge, with eco-sourced planting, the natural habitats of the reserves. Several members of the committee are keen self-educated botanists and ornithologists.


Our focus is to restore the forest habitat of Khandallah Park to a point where we see native birds, once lost to the area, thriving again.

Pest control, trapping, monitoring


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