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Herald Island Environmental Group

The 'Herald Island Environmental Group' is a subcommittee of the Herald Island Residents and Ratepayers Association Incorporated.

We aim to motivate all Herald Islanders to restore, enhance and protect the island's unique natural environment; so that its local native plants, birds and wildlife flourish and the community enjoys a place of well-being.

Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust

Our mission statements are that, we will achieve the highest level of restoration, protection and enhancement of the indigenous ecosystem at Rotokare Scenic Reserve.

We will actively involve the community and provide the best opportunities for education, recreation, inspiration, and environmental sustainability.

Tamahunga Trappers Inc

We are a community group made up of iwi, local landowners, DOC staff and other Warkworth area residents who are interested in preserving and enhancing the biodiversity values of the Mt Tamahunga forest. From our first meeting we prioritised our goals as seen below. But our first mission was to get the tracks organised, the traps out and start killing pests.

Huia Road/Minnehaha Sustainable Neighbourhood

Work with local people and support the actions they want to take to improve their quality of life and the immediate environment including their own property, so they become guardians of their own special place in nature. Examples of what neighbourhoods will achieve include:
• Create weed and pest free local environments to increase biodiversity
• Run our own community nurseries or are growing their own plants
• Win Awards in recognition of our work
• Invite overseas visitors to stay in return for labour to clear weeds

Mangaiti Gully Restoration Trust Group

The area we are working on restoring at the moment is 2 hectares. As well as planting and weed eradication we are actively eradicating rats (poisoning) and possums (trapping).
We grow a lot of our own native plants.
Our Vision:
1.The Trust is a voluntary organisation whose purpose is to restore, then maintain the native flora of the gully back to, as near as possible, pre European status and to manage the gully in such a way that native fauna will re establish, either naturally or by introduction and for this to be sustainable.

Rotoehu Ecological Trust

A group of dedicated people who are just in the process of setting up a trust to help protect the Pongakawa Ecological Area and its inhabitants, primarily the North Island Kokako but also the forest as a whole.

What’s special about Pongakawa Ecological Area?

The Pongakawa Ecological Area (749 ha) is located within Rotoehu Forest to the north of Lake Rotoehu. The Ecological Area is managed by DOC for the protection and enhancement of this special ecosystem which is home to the endangered kokako (Callaeas cinerea wilsoni).

Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society

The Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society Incorporated ("SOSSI") is an incorporated society established in 2004 for the purpose of assisting the Regional Council (now Auckland Council) with the establishment and development of a sanctuary at Shakespear Regional Park. We work under a memorandum of agreement with the Auckland Council and work closely with Council staff on both an operational and a planning level.

Aroha Island Charitable Trust

The purpose of the Aroha Island Charitable Trust is to preserve and enhance the Open Space covenant values of Aroha Island particularly the aesthetic, cultural, ecological, scientific, educational and social values and retain public access for present and future generations.
The objects for which the Trust is established:
a) To provide a centre of excellence for the preservation and advocacy for the North Island Brown Kiwi
b) To encourage the appropriate public use of Aroha in accordance with its main aims.

Matakatia Working Group

We conserve Matakatia Scenic Reserve (also known as Matakatia Glade), an Auckland Council-owned area of bush located between residential area and the sea on the southern side of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula (near Gulf Harbour). Local volunteers get together to remove weeds, plant bare land areas and replenish bait stations. The history section expands on our vision and our efforts and achievements to date. We rely on the support of surrounding residents for access and to allow us to remove weeds from their land that can spread into the reserve.


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