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Wadestown Village Green Charitable Trust

Wadestown Village Green Charitable Trust

The Trust is a group of local people and organisations that are committed to caring for and enhancing our major public space, Philip Myers Park and surrounding facilities.

Actions include the maintenance of an accessible healthy bush area in the area of Philip Myers Park. This has entailed the clearing of weeds and rubbish, establishing new plantings, and the maintenance of extant and new plants in the bush area (including a contribution of Project Crimson trees).

Friends of Central Park

We have a working bee from 10.00-12.00 on the last Sunday of every month except December. 

We usually meet at The Jetty which is 250m upstream from the park entrance at bottom of Brooklyn Road.  Just come along - all very welcome.

The group was initially started to remove and control weeds in Central Park but has now evolved into a group of people interested in a range of activities:

Kaitawa Restoration Group

The 6.8 ha Kaitawa Reserve is situated in the valley of the Wharemauku Stream, east of SH1, at Paraparaumu. Riwai Street divides the scenic/ recreation reserve into two parts, with a mix of open space, forest remnants, and areas of re-vegetation dissected by meandering streams.

Wellington Botanical Society have described it in this way:

It is a significant remnant coastal wetland ecosystem, representative of the many which have been destroyed throughout the region in modern times. We were very impressed with the range of species hanging on in there …..” More

Te Motu Kairangi - Miramar Ecological Restoration

The primary goal is to restore the peninsula to a more complete, healthy, living ecosystem, but also to reconnect local people with the natural environment, reintroduce lost flora and boost populations of locally rare or threatened species.

We aim to create a more extensive and diverse coastal forest and to extend this into gardens as well to attract a wider range of native birds and other fauna back to the peninsula.

Members specialist skills: horticulturist, weed management and revegetation consultant.

Kelburn Gulley Planting Group

This area is a steep gulley formed primarily through reclamation of Kelburn Park above it, largely with material from the motorway excavation. The primary aim is to create an understory of natives to replace through attrition the existing mature Ash and Sycamore forest. Plants are also selected to attract native birds and other species, such as skinks and gecko. Some planting of non-native crop species (e.g. nut trees) which do not require spraying is included to support community resilience.

Nga Uruora Kāpiti Project

Nga Uruora – Kapiti Project Charitable Trust is a community based conservation project with a big work program and an even bigger vision. Set up in 1997 to reverse the drastic decline of coastal forest, we are aiming to create a continuous ribbon of bird-safe native forest running from Mackays Crossing to Pukerua Bay.

Through a unique agreement with KiwiRail and the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust, we look after over 80 hectares of coastal escarpment. We also have access to an area known as Perkins/Middle Run Farm under an agreement with the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Waipahihi Restoration Project

The Waipahihi stream runs through Onslow College and is an important local cultural feature. The Waipahihi Restoration Project began in 2007 with the great support of GWRC through the Take Care programme.

The central aim of the Waipahihi Restoration Project is to regenerate native bush and create protected habitats (corridor) on Onslow College grounds where pine trees, gorse and other invasive species of plants have dominated in the past.  The involvement of students, teachers, school groups and wider community is an integral part of this project. 


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