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Horokiwi reserve

Horokiwi reserve is currently a large paddock with a spring fed gully starting in the Reserve.

The main issue our group has is the size of the project, but we are pacing ourselves and planting approximately 750 plants per year. There is still quite a lot of gorse, but since 2008 the regeneration has been fantastic, and despite the exposed hills the plants we have put in are slowly taking off.

Friends of A’Deane’s Bush

Friends of A’Deane’s Bush want to see this area as a wildlife sanctuary where plants and animals flourish, and locals and visitors are encouraged to learn about and engage in ecological restoration. 

This 40 ha lowland forest features rimu, matai, kahikatea and totara – and exhibits great diversity of native plants and animals. The 1km track passes one of NZ’s  largest standing totara.

Whareroa Guardians Community Trust Inc

The Trust is established to protect and develop Whareroa Farm Reserve as a reserve for environmental and heritage conservation and public enjoyment, by working with the Management Authority to:

a) maintain Whareroa Farm Reserve as a publicly-owned and sustainable coastal hill country farm as meets the overall aims of the Trust

b) restore the catchments of the Whareroa Stream and protect and enhance the indigenous flora and fauna;

c) recognise and respect the bond that tangata whenua have with the land;

Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park (638ha) is a public regional park for which the Friends of QEP have a very clear vision: "Our vision is Queen Elizabeth Park as a sand country landscape with natural, historic and cultural features that all can enjoy". We mean to achieve this vision by recognising the park as irreplaceable public land and honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi together with links to those with mana whenua and kaitiakitanga.

Donnelly Flat Ground Control volunteers

Project Kaka Ground Control at Donnelly Flat, Mount Holdsworth.

Project Kaka is a 22,000ha protection zone in the Tararua Forest Park where the Department of Conservation intends to restore the forest and its wildlife through intensive pest control. The 22,000ha area has aerial pest control every three years. The Donnelly Flat 40ha area is at the eastern side of the forest park at the Mount Holdsworth Road End. The volunteer project uses ground control to eradicate pests in a high visitor area and allows the community to participate.

Patanga Hill Group

The Patanga Hill Group started  out of concern over possible erosion in the area of Tinakori Hill where many  pines had been felled, some had been helicoptered out but many left lying by the WCC. There were large areas of splintered pines and a muddy field that we hoped to turn into a  meadow.

Trelissick Park Group

Vision: Trelissick Park will be a healthy wilderness of representative indigenous ecosystems: native bush, steep hillside, rocky outcrop, riparian and freshwater.  It will be an attractive and desirable area, freely accessible for all to visit and enjoy.

Trelissick Park Group (TPG) works in conjunction with Wellington City Council (WCC) and Greater Wellington Regional Council (GW), restoring Trelissick Park to a native bush wilderness. 


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