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Friends of Maara Roa

The Friends of Maara Roa (Inc.)  (Friends of the Long Garden)

Vision:  to restore the catchment of Cannons Creek in Belmont Regional Park and open it up for quiet recreation and enjoyment.

Tawa-Kohekohe remnant – only one left on the northern slopes of the Belmont Hills – included in 40 ha of Conservation Covenants in this valley; present restoration area approx.80 ha. was gorse dominant and frequently burned. Now natural regeneration dominates; plus 15 years of planting and pest control (56 bait stations, 75,000 trees grown and planted).

Whitireia Park Restoration Group

Whitireia Park Restoration Group is working to restore the naturally occurring flora and is planting species to assist native fauna such as native lizard, bird and fish species. We have a core of 15 people and a large support group who turn up for plantings.

We are actively trapping in the park with DOC 200s and in 2013 started rat control using bait stations.  The Park is possum and hare free but rabbits mustelids, cats, rats and mice are stll present.

Rimutaka Forest Park Charitable Trust (RFPT)

Rimutaka Forest Park Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation committed to protecting and restoring the unique flora and fauna of the Rimutaka Forest Park located east of Wainuiomata, near Wellington, New Zealand.

Our Mission:

“To protect and restore the natural vegetation and wildlife of the Rimutaka Forest Park and to promote community understanding and appreciation of the Park”

 Our Vision:

"A natural and rich forest park environment for the enjoyment of the wider community"


Aro Valley Project

The Aro Valley Project (AVP) aims to restore and enhance NZ flora and fauna in a steeply sided but otherwise (by NZ standards) longstanding urbanised valley, located close to the heart of the country’s capital. 

By removing pest plants and predators, the AVP is seeking to maximise the valley’s potential for diversity, encourage the return of pre-human vegetation and to exploit the related benefits arising out of the valley’s proximity to significant existing conservation projects, including the Karori Sanctuary, Otari/Wilton Reserve and Tinakori Hill. 


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