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Sustainable Paremoremo Group

Sustainable Paremoremo Group provides a social framework for our local community and strives to generate social connection, harmony and ecological sustainability. The Pare-dise Project is one of many initiatives and programs facilitated by the group and aims to contribute to the NW Wildlink ( regional wildlife corridor) by enhancing the health, connectedness and safety of our natural areas for our wildlife.

Mt Victoria Vermin Trappers

Victory over Vermin!

A group of local residents keen to develop a closer connection with their local reserve and help look after it by controlling predators of native birds: rats, stoats, and possums. Many group members also are involved with restoration planting projects throughout the wider trapping project area - some group members have been planting trees in the area for some time. The group is also monitoring pest density using chew cards.


We are a membership-based organisation with a 26 acre property adjacent to an 80 hectare space belonging to Babich winery. Thirteen of those acres are native bush. We are wanting to protect and restore the area and seeking resources and support to do so. The paremuka stream runs through our property and the stream is badly polluted with neighbouring stormwater run-off from local housing developments.

Grandview Community Garden Trust

Grandview Community Garden is a community garden where people from many different cultures work alongside each other, growing their own fresh produce and learning new skills. New members, visitors and volunteers are welcome. In in 2013 we began restoring an area of neglected waste land with a focus on Nga Rongoa. The aim is to provide inspiration to members of the community including the local refugee/migrant community, Western Community Centre and schools.


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