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Rivers, streams and lakes

Kaitawa Restoration Group

The 6.8 ha Kaitawa Reserve is situated in the valley of the Wharemauku Stream, east of SH1, at Paraparaumu. Riwai Street divides the scenic/ recreation reserve into two parts, with a mix of open space, forest remnants, and areas of re-vegetation dissected by meandering streams.

Wellington Botanical Society have described it in this way:

It is a significant remnant coastal wetland ecosystem, representative of the many which have been destroyed throughout the region in modern times. We were very impressed with the range of species hanging on in there …..” More

Waipahihi Restoration Project

The Waipahihi stream runs through Onslow College and is an important local cultural feature. The Waipahihi Restoration Project began in 2007 with the great support of GWRC through the Take Care programme.

The central aim of the Waipahihi Restoration Project is to regenerate native bush and create protected habitats (corridor) on Onslow College grounds where pine trees, gorse and other invasive species of plants have dominated in the past.  The involvement of students, teachers, school groups and wider community is an integral part of this project. 

Friends of A’Deane’s Bush

Friends of A’Deane’s Bush want to see this area as a wildlife sanctuary where plants and animals flourish, and locals and visitors are encouraged to learn about and engage in ecological restoration. 

This 40 ha lowland forest features rimu, matai, kahikatea and totara – and exhibits great diversity of native plants and animals. The 1km track passes one of NZ’s  largest standing totara.

Whareroa Guardians Community Trust Inc

The Trust is established to protect and develop Whareroa Farm Reserve as a reserve for environmental and heritage conservation and public enjoyment, by working with the Management Authority to:

a) maintain Whareroa Farm Reserve as a publicly-owned and sustainable coastal hill country farm as meets the overall aims of the Trust

b) restore the catchments of the Whareroa Stream and protect and enhance the indigenous flora and fauna;

c) recognise and respect the bond that tangata whenua have with the land;

Henley Trust

An artificial Lake and Wetlands project on the North Eastern outskirts of Masterton.

Wildlife habitat with easy access and well formed tracks for walkers and cyclists.

Friends of Wharemauku Stream (FOWS)

Wharemauku Stream rises in hills inland from Paraparaumu. The main stream flows through  Paraparaumu Town Centre, then winds its way through Raumati to exit near the Raumati Beach shops. The aim of FOWS is to foster improved water quality and stream environment, in a stream which is a significant feature of an urban environment. A special feature of the stream is the role it plays in flood control and dispersal.

Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park (638ha) is a public regional park for which the Friends of QEP have a very clear vision: "Our vision is Queen Elizabeth Park as a sand country landscape with natural, historic and cultural features that all can enjoy". We mean to achieve this vision by recognising the park as irreplaceable public land and honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi together with links to those with mana whenua and kaitiakitanga.


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