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Rivers, streams and lakes

Sandspit SOS Inc. (SSOSI)

Project names; Sandspit Reserve saltmarsh restoration, Banded Rail habitat, Dean's Island restoration. Predator control on that reserve.
Brick Bay Drive stream and associated wetlands restoration and inanga spawning site restoration.
Annual shellfish monitoring of spit's east side shellfish bed. This will be extended to the Rainbow's End shellfish bed in 2013 summer.
Shorebird data collection.
Waicare data collection of 2 local streams, gradually extending to other streams in the catchment.

Puketotara Landcare Group

Puketotara Landare Group is a community pest control area in the Bay of Islands between Kerikeri and Puketi Forest. We have an integrated pest management strategy for kiwi and native species protection, weed control, fencing waterways and vegetation replanting. We partner with Northland Regional Council, NZ Kiwi Foundation and Kiwis for Kiwi.

Waitahurangi Stream, Green Bay

As yet only two members bordering the stream in Green Bay have tackled the threatened native flora of the stream side. To date I have removed 4 barrels of wild kahili ginger, 4 large privet, potato plant and 3 large weed bags of Tradescantia and replanted 120 shrubs/trees/grasses. It is ongoing as the tradescantia comes back with a vengeance.

Project Twin Streams Henderson Creek

Project Twin Streams is a large-scale environmental restoration project. it is working to improve water quality in Waitakere streams by revegetating 56 kms of streambanks with native trees and shrubs, and purchasing properties within the flood plain for removal. This stabilises the banks from erosion, creates a cool, shaded environment for ecology to thrive and filters toxins entering the streams.

Through its unique approach, Project Twin Streams engages local residents in the project through partnering with local community organisations to deliver the planting program.

Ashley-Rakahuri Rivercare Group Inc

The Group's mission is to 'protect birds and their habitat in the Ashley-Rakahuri river, while recognising essential river control works and sympathetic recreational uses'. Its main aims are to protect shorebirds and their habitat in the riverbed, to monitor breeding success, and to promote these activities to the wider public. The most endangered species on the Ashley-Rakahuri river is the black-billed gull which is now classified as Nationally Critical, and internationally as Endangered, making it one of the world’s most threatened gull species.


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