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Rivers, streams and lakes

Arawai - Mahurangi

Arawai [Water path] is a volunteer restoration planting of esplanade reserve land on the banks of the Mahurangi River/Estuary. The planting is along a walkway which is being developed to link Warkworth with the Historic Wilson Cement works. This work is also part of the implementation of the Mahurangi Action Plan.

Korokoro Environmental Group

Korokoro Environmental Group supports KEG supports and encourages a range of worthwhile community initiatives on conservation, biodiversity and habitat protection in the Korokoro valley (Lower Hutt) and surrounding environment. KEG has been involved in plantings and weed control, pest monitoring, improving fish passage, active lobbying on transport, development and infrastructure issues where they threaten or support the ecological values of the Korokoro area.


Volcano to Sea

Volcano to Sea is an urban community catchment restoration project by NZ Landcare Trust helping the local community to improve their environment. Based in Howick, Auckland this innovative three year project aims to capture the enthusiasm and energy of the local community, enabling them to make a positive contribution to their local environment. This catchment scale project will create an ecological corridor linking a dormant volcano called Pigeon Mountain/O Huiarangi with the sea via Wakaaranga Creek, Pakuranga Stream and the Tamaki River.

Wellington Regional Lizard Network

The Wellington Regional Lizard Network (WRLN) comprises conservation managers and lizard specialists from a variety of groups and organisations in the region who aim to identify priorities for lizard conservation throughout the Wellington region. The group promotes lizard conservation and provides advice and training to those involve in lizard conservation. The group's primary role is to advise but it will actively identify work that needs to be done, promote this work and train people to do it, and facilitate its implementation when possible.


Awhitu Peninsula Landcare Incorporated

To enhance the unique character of the Awhitu Peninsula by supporting our rural and agricultural base, encouraging the protection of land and waterways for future sustainability. To actively work towards restoring native plant and animal life, improving the region's biodiversity by revegetation, controlling pests and increasing awareness of environmental issues throughout the community.



A volunteer group dedicated to restoring wetlands: removal of exotics with replacement by natives and progressive development of areas of native bush.


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