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Wellington Regional Lizard Network

The Wellington Regional Lizard Network (WRLN) comprises conservation managers and lizard specialists from a variety of groups and organisations in the region who aim to identify priorities for lizard conservation throughout the Wellington region. The group promotes lizard conservation and provides advice and training to those involve in lizard conservation. The group's primary role is to advise but it will actively identify work that needs to be done, promote this work and train people to do it, and facilitate its implementation when possible.


Awhitu Peninsula Landcare Incorporated

To enhance the unique character of the Awhitu Peninsula by supporting our rural and agricultural base, encouraging the protection of land and waterways for future sustainability. To actively work towards restoring native plant and animal life, improving the region's biodiversity by revegetation, controlling pests and increasing awareness of environmental issues throughout the community.


Friends of Mangemangeroa Society Inc

The Friends of Mangemangeroa is a community group of volunteers who have formed a Partnership Agreement, initially with the Manukau City Council and now with the Auckland Council, to assist the Council in implementing the Mangemangeroa Valley Reserves' Management Plan. It is currently carrying out a 20-year Restoration Plan to maintain and enlarge, with eco-sourced planting, the natural habitats of the reserves. Several members of the committee are keen self-educated botanists and ornithologists.

Matakatia Working Group

We conserve Matakatia Scenic Reserve (also known as Matakatia Glade), an Auckland Council-owned area of bush located between residential area and the sea on the southern side of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula (near Gulf Harbour). Local volunteers get together to remove weeds, plant bare land areas and replenish bait stations. The history section expands on our vision and our efforts and achievements to date. We rely on the support of surrounding residents for access and to allow us to remove weeds from their land that can spread into the reserve.

Aorangi Restoration Trust

We are a charitable conservation trust looking at protecting and restoring the Aorangi Range, surrounding land and coastline in the Southern Wairarapa to its former glory. This area consists of a 20K hectare recreational park, as well as another 20k hectares of surrounding land and coastline. Historically this environment was home to kiwis, whio, weka, northern rata and Little Blue Penguins to name a few.

Centennial Park Bush Society

Centennial Park Bush Society is an incorporated society in Campbells Bay, North Shore, NZ. Our focus is on Centennial Park, a 70 Ha reserve in the heart of Campbells Bay. We work weekly on this reserve to control pest plants, plant native trees, control pest animals and maintain tracks. We are also focussed on the entire catchment via a project named the Campbells Bay Urban Sanctuary


Lower Scroggy Stream Sustainable Neighbourhood

Neighbours helping neighbours create a greener environment and a more connected community in the Scroggy Stream catchment.
We primarily aim to reduce invasive weeds and pests and increase native biodiversity and improve stream quality on suburban private property in the catchment. We also have an interest in more environmentally friendly storm water management and suburban infill, reserve management, protection of noble trees whether native or exotic, urban design that encourages walking and cycling, and increasing the production of food in the catchment.


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