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Drayton Reserve Volunteers

The Drayton Reserve Volunteers, a group of about 120 locals, started in April 2016 with the aim of working with the Council to return the Drayton Reserve to its original forest and other vegetative cover, for conservation, passive recreation and educational purposes, especially for the local community. This will include accelerating native plantings, improving the streambed and water quality, reducing soil erosion, increasing the populations of native birds, lizards, fish and insects, controlling litter and animal and plant pests and improving tracks and facilities.

Forest and Bird- Waitaki Branch

The Waitaki Branch of Forest and Bird has a number of active programmes including growing native plants, planting native plants at Fenwick Park and Cape Wanbrow, organising beach clean ups, organising field trips to local sites of interest and inviting guest speakers along to talk about the environment and conservation. We have around 80 members.

Friends of Flora

Founded in January 2001, Friends of Flora (FoF) is a community group that believes our native fauna must be preserved for future generations, and it is our responsibility to make it happen here and now.

Southland Ecological Restoration Network

Southland Ecological Restoration Network (SERN) is a network of Southland people “bringing back the natives”. The aim is to promote the restoration of native ecological sites in Southland. Our website features a number of local restoration projects, with contact information and photos for each project. There is also at least one field day a year to bring people involved in restoration together, to encourage and share knowledge and also celebrate all the good work going on around Southland.

Wild for Taranaki

Wild for Taranaki is the identity of the Taranaki Biodiversity Trust. The Taranaki Biodiversity Trust was established in 2015 by 19 groups and organisations involved in the protection of native plants, animals and ecosystems in Taranaki. The Trust's goals are to: Raise the profile of biodiversity in our community. Support the work already being done by individuals, community groups and organisations. Engage with all groups with an interest in protecting the environment of Taranaki. Encourage people to get involved. Foster collaboration. Develop new projects.

Summit Road Society Incorporated

The Summit Road Society was formed in 1948 to further Harry Ell's vision to protect Christchurch's Port Hills and to provide access for the public by the Summit Road and a network of walking tracks. The Society has provided volunteers since it was formed to work on tracks and reserves. It also owns 150ha of regenerating bush above Governors Bay in Lyttelton Harbour (Ohinetahi Reserve), and a further 150ha of remnant and regenerating bush, native tussock grassland and the prominent volcanic cone of Gibraltar Rock at the southern end of the Port Hills (Omahu Bush).

Desert Road Invasive Legume Control Group

The Desert Road stretch of SH 1 running through the Central Plateau provides expansive vistas of three spectacular mountains as well as a unique mix of tussock and forest making the drive a truly memorable experience.
Sadly the view and even worse, the integrity of the fragile ecosystem, that attracts trampers, hunters and photographers is being threatened by the increase and spread of invasive exotic plants. The scourge of gorse, lupin, and broom are on the way to reaching a critical mass that will permanently modify this landscape.

EcoGecko Consultants

We are New Zealand's lizard and frog experts dedicated to the research, conservation and AEEs of frogs and reptiles in New Zealand. We undertake:
lizard & frog surveys
- lizard & frog monitoring programmes
- lizard & frog AEE's / EIAs
- lizard & frog mitigation planning & activities
- conservation & scientific research
- translocations & follow-up population studies


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