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Starting the Change

New Zealand is crazy beautiful. There aren't many places in the world where you can view a beach and a volcano while on the motorway to work! I don't ever want to take New Zealand for granted, and I definitely don't want the generations below me to miss out on being able to go 10 minutes down the road and finding a magical bush wonderland or a glistening, SAFE, beach.

Paraparaumu College Environmental Group (SEAR)

SEAR is a Paraparaumu College made action group which stands for Societal, Environmental and Animal Rights. In the Environmental group of SEAR, we pride ourselves with helping out our community and love teaming up with other environmental groups to make our New Zealand a clean, green place. We also host our own events/projects such as rubbish clean ups around the Kapiti Coast. We are always looking for environmental events/projects to be involved with so please don't hesitate to contact us :)

Innermost Gardens

We are a friendly group of gardeners who meet twice a month at Innermost Gardens in Mount Victoria.

We have garden bees on the first and third Sunday of the month. The garden days help maintain and develop our orchard and shared beds, and provide a great opportunity to share gardening knowledge.

Private allotments are also available on request. All of our gardens follows permaculture principles.

Pest Free Kaipatiki

Our vision is one where birds and other native wildlife flourish, and everyone works together to support our natural heritage. Pest Free Kaipatiki is a community led programme initiated by the Kaipatiki Restoration Network in consultation with the Kaipatiki Local Board and the Auckland Council's Parks, Biosecurity and Biodiversity departments.

Chelsea Regional Park Association (Inc.)

The Chelsea Regional Park Association (Inc.), or CHERPA, is a group of individual supporters, neighbours and regular users of Chelsea Estate Heritage Park. The society was first formed to preserve and develop the park as a Regional Park potential for future generations. The park sits on a unique and prominent location, with uninterrupted views across Waitemata harbour to the Auckland harbour bridge and city skyline.

Kids Greening Taupo

Each school have a leadership team of about 5-10 and then involvement is slightly different at each school whether its just classroom or the entire school involved.

Aim: Develop leadership in conservation, provide a students voice for conservation in the community  and increase biodiversity around Taupo

Activities: Planting, weeding, animal pest control and leadership opportunities

Parties involved: Schools, kindergartens , Greening Taupo, DOC,  Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board


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