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Aroha Island Charitable Trust

Year Started: 
Contact Person: 
Manager at Aroha Island
Phone Number: 
(09) 407 5243
E-mail address: 
Group Members: 
177 Rangitane Road
RD1, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands 0294
New Zealand

The purpose of the Aroha Island Charitable Trust is to preserve and enhance the Open Space covenant values of Aroha Island particularly the aesthetic, cultural, ecological, scientific, educational and social values and retain public access for present and future generations.
The objects for which the Trust is established:
a) To provide a centre of excellence for the preservation and advocacy for the North Island Brown Kiwi
b) To encourage the appropriate public use of Aroha in accordance with its main aims.
c) Preserve and enhance the island's fauna and flora and habitats in accordance with the existing open space covenant including the tidal mangroves.
d) To preserve the natural vista.
e) To respect waahi tapu and protect sites of archaeological significance.
f) To provide an exemplary visitors' centre.
g) To protect the land from sub-division (upholding Dr Colin Little's original request) and retain public access to the property and coast.
h) To ensure democratic community participation

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