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Ashley-Rakahuri Rivercare Group Inc

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Nick Ledgard
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Ashley-Rakahuri river in Nth Canterbury (just north of Rangiora) particularly the 18km stretch
from the Okuku junction down to the SH1 road bridge (the core area for breeding birds)
New Zealand

The Group's mission is to 'protect birds and their habitat in the Ashley-Rakahuri river, while recognising essential river control works and sympathetic recreational uses'. Its main aims are to protect shorebirds and their habitat in the riverbed, to monitor breeding success, and to promote these activities to the wider public. The most endangered species on the Ashley-Rakahuri river is the black-billed gull which is now classified as Nationally Critical, and internationally as Endangered, making it one of the world’s most threatened gull species. The next most threatened species on the Ashley-Rakahuri is the black-fronted tern, which is classified as Nationally Endangered, the second-highest ranking possible under the New Zealand scheme. The wrybill has a declining range and is classified as Nationally Vulnerable, as is the banded dotterel, which is considerably more common on the Ashley-Rakahuri River. Other shorebird species which breed on the river (such as the pied stilt, the South Island pied oystercatcher and the white-fronted tern) are listed as At Risk, or are not threatened. Key activities are improving public awareness, controlling weed invasion, trapping predators, minimising human disturbance, and monitoring breeding outcomes.

World Wildlife Fund, Pacific Development and Conservation Trust, Lotteries Environment and Heritage Fund, NZ National Parks and Conservation Foundation. Currently relying on donations and local fund raising.
BRaid Inc (braided river aid), Dept of Conservation, Environment Canterbury, Waimakariri District Council