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Bell’s track working group

Year Started: 
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Des. Smith
Phone Number: 
(04) 479 6310
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End of Awarua St., Ngaio Wellington
The outer town belt and part of Te Aranui
New Zealand

To reinstate the forest that was in this area prior to the arrival of humans to Aotearoa. It was a broadleaf emerging podocarp forest with Totara and Tawa.
We aim to bring back the birdsong to the bush and have 17.5 hectares of land to work on.
Volunteers adopt a spot have not great knowledge of the type of trees to plant but with guidance from myself are keen.
We do need more publicity to recruit volunteers and  would like someone to do pest control.
Funding to put notice board up at start of track.

Wellington City Council, Rainbow garden group
Wellington City Council

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Plants in the ground