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Cape to City

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Wendy Rakete-Stone (HBRC)
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New Zealand

Launched in 2015, Cape to City's vision is to transform the landscapes of our region so that 'Native species thrive where we live, work and play'.

Cape to City is located in Te Matau a Māui/Hawke’s Bay on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island. We're one of the first projects in the country to scale up biodiversity restoration and predator control.

Cape to City's long-term mission is unique in the country: we're establishing a template for successful predator control that can be used over hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmland. By doing so, we're helping to support Hawke's Bay – and eventually all of New Zealand – in going predator-free.

Our ‘footprint’ (the area contained within the Cape to City project) currently covers more than 26,000 hectares (64,247 acres) of land. We've only just begun! In the future, farmers and rural landowners throughout the region will be able to use the tools, techniques and strategies developed as part of Cape to City to successfully turn the tide against mammalian predators and pests.

Our boundaries extend eastward from the city of Havelock North to the windswept highlands of Cape Kidnappers, and south from Hawke Bay to Ocean Beach and Waimarama.

In order to reach our goals, we're focussed on restoring native birds and plant life, improving water quality and habitat, and streamlining predator control technologies. We're also connected to local hapū, iwi, landowners and regional communities to bring conservation to an individual level and ensure it continues into the future.

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