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Colville Harbour Care

Contact Person: 
Beth Pearsall
Phone Number: 
(07) 866 6920
E-mail address: 
Group Members: 
Coromandel Peninsula
New Zealand

Vision: The communities of Colville working together to create a healthy harbour now and into the future. Mission: We create opportunities for our communities to become kaitiaki, guardians, of our natural resources. This project aims to build our community capacity and capability to value and improve both our coastal management practices for, and the biodiversity of, Colville Bay; and our fresh water management practices for, and the biodiversity of the rivers, streams and wetlands that feed into Colville Bay Harbour.

Activities: Weed control, pest control and planting

Parties involved: School, landowners, Colville Social Service Collective and community

Community Environment Fund (MfE)