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Desert Road Invasive Legume Control Group

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Craig Davey
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23,000ha of the Central plateau, centred around the Desert Road.
New Zealand

The Desert Road stretch of SH 1 running through the Central Plateau provides expansive vistas of three spectacular mountains as well as a unique mix of tussock and forest making the drive a truly memorable experience.
Sadly the view and even worse, the integrity of the fragile ecosystem, that attracts trampers, hunters and photographers is being threatened by the increase and spread of invasive exotic plants. The scourge of gorse, lupin, and broom are on the way to reaching a critical mass that will permanently modify this landscape.
These plants change the fertility of the naturally nutrient poor soils, encouraging other introduced plants and grasses that compound the problem. Broom produces chemicals that prevent native seedlings establishing and then forms dense thickets able to shade out all other regenerating plants. This can occur from the road edge right to the snow line. Imagine a white mountain sticking out through a sea of yellow weeds.
To arrest this spread and protect this magnificent place a collective of the organisations managing land in a 23,000 hectare chunk of the plateau all working together against this change. Their mission statement is:
“The unique natural values and vistas of the Desert Road environments are preserved ”.
To achieve this mission the Desert Rd Invasive Legume Control Group has created a Memorandum of Understanding to guide planning and operations over the next 10 years. The groups core intent is:
Co-operation – between all stakeholders to achieve
Introduced legumes are eradicated
Monitoring – to ensure success
Advocacy – to engage more stakeholders
Pathway management – to protect the asset of whats been controlled.
If you value this landscape and would like to help or find out more please contact Craig Davey at Horizons Regional Council.

New Zealand Defence Force, Department of Conservation, Waikato Regional Council, Transpower, Genesis Energy, Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust, Horizons Regional Council, New Zealand Transport Agency
Landcare Research, Ngati Rangi

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