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East Taranaki Environment Trust

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Karen Schumacher
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Purangi in East Taranaki
New Zealand

Saving kiwi in Taranaki is our project name. We have a large in-situ project covering 13,000 hectares, where predator control is undertaken. We are a successful community driven group which has 500 pair of kiwi under predator protection. The area is home to many other threatened native species. The Trust is working to return kokako to the area. We have a group of contractors who check the 1300 stoat traps on a monthly basis. Our field team are locals and well trained in their areas. Our Trust has a secure and stable Trustee base committed to making a difference, and is operated as an accountable professional organisation.

Bio-diversity Fund, Save the Kiwi Trust, Taranaki Regional Council, TET, TSB Trust, WWF (NZ), Ministry for Environment, Greymouth Petroleum, NPDC.
Taranaki Regional Council, Department of Conservation, Maori Womens Welfare League, our local community

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