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Eaves Bush Appreciation Group

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Laurie Rands
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(09) 426 3122
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Orewa, Auckland. Three entrances, Old North Road, Hillcrest Road and also through Parkside Drive at Kensington Park
New Zealand

Eaves Bush is a fine example of a mature northern New Zealand kauri/podocarp forest, forming a prominent landscape feature at the north end of Orewa. The family of the late Alice Eaves generously donated the reserve to the nation in 1960, to be administered by the Council. It was very fortunate that this magnificent forest was substantially preserved by a number of owners and that it has been saved from the ravages of fire, unlike most of the surrounding areas.
Eaves Bush was adopted by the Orewa Lions Club in 1966 and one of their first projects was to form some walking tracks through the wonderful bush. The Eaves Bush Appreciation Group, along with continuing help by the Orewa Lions help to maintain the bush area with maintenance of the tracks and the weeding of the bush area of invasive weeds. The Lions and Forest and Bird members, and those connected to the Eaves Bush Appreciation group have an ongoing programme to maintain tracks, signs, and undertaking predator control for possums and rats. Public work days are regularly held, primarily to attack weed infestations. The predator control programme, targeting possums and rats, has been extended up the Nukumea catchment to improve control over the reinvasion of pests into the reserve. Predator control and monitoring is also being undertaken at nearby Puriri Avenue Reserve to the south, as this was a refuge for possums and rats from which they could reinvade Eaves Bush. This has been very successful, leading to proliferation of birdlife there – especially tui, kereru (wood pigeons) and fantails.
There is hope that rare species of birds can be reintroduced to Eaves Bush in the future once it can be demonstrated that predators have been excluded or reduced to acceptable numbers. The Auckland Council continues to supply the possum/rat bait Brodifacoum.

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