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Forest & Bird - Motu Manawa Restoration Group

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Michael Coote
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Motu Manawa - Pollen Island Marine Reserve, Auckland
New Zealand
FBMMRG represents the continuation of Forest & Bird’s abiding interests in Pollen Island, the Motu Manawa (Pollen Island) Marine Reserve, and the surrounding coastal salt-marsh estuary environs. The group is a joint subcommittee of the Forest & Bird branch committees of Central Auckland and Waitakere.
The specific physical area of interest for the group may be described as the embayment defined by drawing a straight line between the tips of Point Chevalier and Te Atatu Peninsula, and includes the Waterview Inlet, Motu Manawa (Pollen Island) Marine Reserve, and Whau River mouth, the coastal margin of that embayment, including western Point Chevalier and Waterview, Rosebank Peninsula, and eastern Te Atatu Peninsula, and the two islands of the embayment, Pollen Island and Traherne Island. We look for support from volunteers.


DOC, Auckland Council, NZTA SH16 Causeway Alliance, Local Boards - Albert-Eden/Whau/Henderson-Massey, The Whau River Catchment Trust, Friends of Oakley Creek

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