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Friends of Mana Island (FOMI)

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FOMI President (Brian Bell)
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Mana Island
Porirua 5026
New Zealand

Mana Island is a scientific reserve located offshore from Porirua, New Zealand, and is an exciting example of a major restoration and conservation project. The island is now predator-free. 

Friends of Mana Island (FOMI) was set up in 1998 to provide support for the Department of Conservation (DOC) in restoring the island. Our volunteers work on flora and fauna projects approved by DOC. 

The primary focus on the island since 1987 has been restoring the vegetation to a pre-1800 state with 500,000 trees and shrubs planted to date. 

The aim is to provide a sustainable environment for threatened species from the Wellington Conservancy including the Cook Strait giant weta, lizards and birds. Bird releases include the North Island robin, diving petrel, fluttering shearwater, brown teal, fairy prion, yellow crowned kakariki, bellbird, whitehead and rowi kiwi. In addition, the takahe and shore plover have been transferred to the island. 

Current key projects for FOMI include - a floral diversity project, and bird translocations (white-faced storm petrel and fernbird). 

Location of Mana Island:
41.05 degrees south, 174.47 east.
Mana Island is just north of Cook Strait and lies 3km off the southwest coast of the North Island of New Zealand. 
Size and topography
The island is 3 km long and has an area of 2.17 square km. It has west facing cliffs, an end-to-end plateau which is just over 100m above sea level, and valleys which fall away to an area of wetland and flatland in the east.


OMV New Zealand, Wellington Community Trust, Swazi New Zealand
Department of Conservation