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Friends of Mangemangeroa Society Inc

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Deborah Grant
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Land between Somerville Rd, Howick, and the Mangemangeroa Estuary. Associated reserve land
extends as esplanade along the shore to Shelly Beach Howick, and up the valley to Haley Lane.
New Zealand
The Friends of Mangemangeroa is a community group of volunteers who have formed a Partnership Agreement, initially with the Manukau City Council and now with the Auckland Council, to assist the Council in implementing the Mangemangeroa Valley Reserves' Management Plan. It is currently carrying out a 20-year Restoration Plan to maintain and enlarge, with eco-sourced planting, the natural habitats of the reserves. Several members of the committee are keen self-educated botanists and ornithologists.

The Reserve already contains outstanding natural habitats supporting a varied population of native and introduced birds. The forest contains a remnant stand of the rare carmine rata vine. Future restoration planting will further enlarge natural habitats beyond the current limits of the Restoration Plan.

Public access and education are prominent aims of the Friends, with plans to extend existing walkways and seating areas and to construct an environmental information centre.


Auckland Council
Howick and Somerville Rotary Clubs, Forest and Bird South Auckland, Local schools

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