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Friends of Maungawhau

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Kit Howden
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Mt Eden Domain
Auckland 1024
New Zealand

Volunteers spend approximately 1,400 hours annually in the ecological rehabilitation of Maungawhau-Mt. Eden. Our work mainly consists of:

• Removing weeds
• Releasing native trees
• Stabilising steep scoria slopes
• Encouraging natural regeneration
• Preserving bird and insect habitats

In 2012 we will plant over 1,500 ground-cover and under-storey plants in the former Batger Quarry area on the western face of Maungawhau-Mt. Eden and on the lower southern slopes.

Our weeding volunteers meet every Tuesday morning at 9:30am at the end of Batger Road, Mt. Eden. We work until about 12:30pm, with a break for a chat and cuppa. We are a friendly group and welcome new members. Contact our volunteer coordinator, Jean Barton phone 630-7010 if you can help.

In our role as advocates, we seek to protect archaeological features and are advised by our honorary archaeologist, Dr Susan Bulmer. For over a decade we have campaigned for improved management of this heritage park and Auckland icon.

We work closely with the community, iwi, council and local board, and keep in touch with neighbours. In addition to our volunteer work programme, we deal with numerous enquiries and requests from the public. We are the front-line caretakers in regard to issues such as erosion, graffiti, fire risk, and damage to vegetation.

We strongly advocate a ranger service and a more holistic approach in caring for Maungawhau and the other volcanic cones. We support co-governance by council and the Tāmaki Collective, and Unesco World Heritage Status for Auckland's volcanic field.

Auckland Council, Albert-Eden Local Board, ASB Community Trust
Maunga Authority, Ngāti Whatua, Volunteering Auckland

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