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Friends of Oakley Creek Te Auaunga

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Wendy John
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Oakley Creek Te Auaunga flows through the Auckland suburbs of Mt Roskill
Wesley, Owairaka, Mt Albert, Avondale and Waterview
New Zealand
Friends of Oakley Creek Te Auaunga was established in 2004. We work to raise the profile of the Creek amongst the wider community, and to increase recognition of the value and potential of Oakley Creek and its surrounds.

Oakley Creek Te Auaunga is the longest urban stream on the Auckland isthmus, extending some 15 kilometres. It is surrounded by 50 hectares of almost continuous green space. It flows from Mt Roskill through Wesley, Owairaka, Mt Albert, Avondale and Waterview before entering the Motu Manawa Marine Reserve in the Waitemata Harbour. Oakley Creek is unique in that it is accessible to the public for almost its entire length. There is a substantial network of parks and reserves, including War Memorial Park, Walmsley and Underwood Parks, Hendon and Alan Wood Reserves, Harbutt and Phyllis Reserves. In its lower reaches, it incorporates the beautiful Oakley Creek Walkway, with the only waterfall on the Auckland isthmus.

Oakley Creek is of significant ecological, archeological, social and recreational value to central Auckland. It is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, both native and exotic, including heron, weta and eels. The Creek and its adjoining green space has the potential to become a major part of a ‘coast-to-coast' green corridor, and is pivotal to the network of green spaces and wildlife links across the wider Auckland region.

Our Vision:
To have Oakley Creek Te Auaunga and its environs restored and protected as a natural ecosystem incorporating a range of wildlife habitats, indigenous species and recreational amenities for present and future generations.

Our Aim:
To protect, preserve, enhance and restore the ecological health of Oakley Creek Te Auaunga and its environs.

Our Goals:
-To have Oakley Creek re-established as a natural waterway.
-To have Oakley Creek established as a place of major ecological and social value.
-To restore and enhance the water quality in Oakley Creek.
-To have Oakley Creek established as a green belt that includes multiple environs and uses e.g. native forest, wetland, open space and walkway.
-To have Oakley Creek developed as a wildlife corridor linking other areas of ecological importance.
-To have a coast-to-coast walkway across the Auckland isthmus, following the Oakley Creek catchment.



WWF (World Wildlife Fund), ASB Community Trust, Ministry for the Environment
Auckland Council, Wai Care