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Kauri Glen Bush Society

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Helen Ferguson
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Kauri Glen Reserve, Northcote
North Shore, Auckland
New Zealand
Kauri Glen Reserve is a special piece of remnant bush which remained in its natural form after the development of the North Shore of Auckland. It is very close to the heart of Auckland City. It has in particular, many massive kauri trees, as well as many other New Zealand native trees, and in the streams native eels, fish and crayfish. Because of the threat to kauri trees from Kauri die-back disease, Forest & Bird has organised shoe stations at each entrance, serviced by local people, where visitors are asked to scrub and spray the soles of their shoes before and after entering the bush. A group is in the process of being established to help care for the Reserve on a long-term basis. Anyone interested in joining the group - caring residents, people able to help with occasional easy tasks - planting, weeding, renewing spray stations, reporting problems, or just enjoying this tranquil spot, is asked to contact us, so that we can keep you informed about what is happening.

Kauri Glen Reserve is located in Northcote, North Shore, about 2kms north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. It is bounded by Onewa Road, Lake Road, Raleigh Road, Ocean View Road and Birkenhead Avenue, with at least 8 entry points: Kauri Glen Road, Gladstone Road, Paruru Avenue, Mahuta Grove, Woodside Avenue, Holdaway Avenue, Raymond Terrace, and Tui Glen Road. The tracks are well laid out and reasonably easy to walk, with some steps to navigate in all directions. Most tracks can be walked comfortably even after wet weather. Kauri, (some up to 400 years old), totara, taraire, tawa, rewarewa, maire, and many other native trees & shrubs can be found. There are a number of creeks and streams draining into an area of swampy land which has recently had a substantial boardwalk system added to the already extensive tracks. Glow-worms live on the banks and native eels, fish and crayfish inhabit the waters throughout the reserve.


Auckland Council, Restoration Kaipatiki