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Kauri Point Centennial Park & Chatswood Reserve Management Committee

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David Roberts
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(09) 418 0397
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Between Chelsea View Drive and Harbour at Kendall Bay
Birkenhead Auckland 0626
New Zealand
EVENT - Sat 18 May 1pm -Kendall Bay beach clean up - interested? email for details/poster
If visiting (some tracks are closed -see below) CHATSWOOD RESERVE please follow all KAURI DIEBACK prevention measures. 'CLEAN ALL SOIL OR MUD OFF SHOES/BOOTS  AT HOME' and use cleaning stations on site when entering & exiting the reserve, please stay on the open tracks, avoid walking on kauri roots and keep dogs on leash.
We care for, protect and restore the ecology of KPC Park and Chatswood Reserve. Maintain the track network so visitors have good access to and can appreciate the coastal, stream, bush & historical features.  Paper maps are available at main entrances, or to view  click on group galleries. (track over NZDF land is currently closed).
More details & maps are published in  'Kaipatiki Explorer' 8th ed 2018/19 -available from 1/12/18 at Birkenhead library. This edition covers kauri dieback and open or closed tracks in Kaipatiki area.
TRACK NEWS: Update 14/5/19 -From junction of track round Ravenstone Place extention east towards Chelsea EHP (tennis court) known as 'Fishermans' is to be metalled & upgraded to tramping standard. Fishermans (S16,17&18) is now closed while works are in progress, due to open end of May . Track (to Chelsea - number S15 on renewals map) from number 1 dam to scrapyard (north side of Duck creek) is now open.
-Council have closed tracks from Langstone, Mosman, Portsea, Mappin Places & 120 Chelsea View Dr. to help stop the spread of kauri dieback, signs & barriers are in place. The walkway between Fitzpatrick & Mappin Places is open. A map showing closed & open tracks can be viewed on '' and at some of the closed entrances. 
Entry from Blundell Place (Chelsea EHP) -access track to dam is now OPEN  (20/12/18) after a kauri was tested and found NOT to be infected with dieback.
If you find a track partly blocked by fallen trees or branches, please let us know.
General: Tracks vary in standard from walking to tramping. There are steep sections & steps which may be slippery. Visitors should consider their safety and choose tracks within their ability.
PEST FREE KAIPATIKI - Rat baiting in Chatswood reserve has been carried out by us since 2014.  Chew card monitoring lines are marked..
Pest Plant (weeds) control an ongoing weekly activity. 


Auckland Council/Kaipatiki Local Board
Queen Elizabeth II National Trust, PestFreeKaipatiki, Kapatiki Restoration Network

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