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Mahakirau Forest Estate Society Incorporated

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Sara Smerdon
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Mahakirau Forest Estate
Crest of the 309 Road
Coromandel 3581
New Zealand

Mahakirau Forest Estate comprises almost 600 hectares of native forest divided into 24 private properties. Each site is covenanted with the QEII National Trust who have described Mahakirau as “outstanding for its ecology and wildlife value with brown kiwi, kaka, Coromandel striped gecko, Hochstetter’s and Archey’s frogs all present”. The Mahakirau Forest Estate Society Incorporated is a mutually supportive community committed to the conservation within this unique forest environment. This truly is 'Heritage Land'. A marvellous set of lungs, a diverse seed bank and oasis to native fauna for future generations to inherit. Our vision is for a balanced and healthy eco-system, providing an oasis for the re-introduction and protection of rare and threatened indigenous species. Not only a haven but a safe corridor linking our fingertips with those of our neighbouring sanctuaries. We have the passion and fortunate opportunity to leave this precious land, and all that belongs to it, in a greater state than when we arrived.

QEII National Trust Open Space, Forest & Bird, Sanctuaries of NZ, WRC, TCDC, Waikato Biodiversity Forum, DOC, Local iwi, The Kauri Dieback Management Programme, Coromandel Kiwi Collective, Kiwis for kiwi, Moehau Environment Group, Project Kiwi Trust

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