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Mangakotukutuku Stream Care Group Incorporated

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Grant Blackie
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New Zealand

Our vision is for a gully rich in native biodiversity and a healthy Mangakotukutuku Stream from the headwaters to the Waikato River.
Our goals are.......

- Diverse and abundant stream life
- Low weed and pest numbers
- Improved habitat diversity
- More trees alongside streams
- Stable stream banks
- Less sediment in streams
- Clearer water
- No rubbish in streams
- Sensitive upstream management
- Good access for migrating fish
- Care around vulnerable habitats

We have recently created a wetland area and re-introduced threatened Black Mudfish back into our catchment.

Waikato Regional Council, Hamilton City Council, Waikato River Authority, Department of Conservation, Honda Tree Fund, Waikato Catchment Ecological Enhancement Trust

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